Playa El Salon: Accesible from a windy cobbled walkway that is just west of the Balcon de Europa. Playa El Salon is a beautiful secluded beach and is surrounded by stunning fisherman cottages.


Playa Calahonda: Located immediately to the east of the Balcon de Europa and is most convenient for a quick sunbathe or drink while still remaining in city center. It is a very small beach that is sheltered with giant boulders on one side and the Balcon on the right. This beach has full facilities, including sunbeds for hire, and the beautiful Reggae bar called Papagayo which looks over the beach.
Calahonda is a site to see local fishermen use the beach as the launching point for their traditional fishing boats.
Playa Carabeo: A very steep path brings you down to this private beach that is hidden from the view above by cliffs and deep vegetation. This beach is perfect to hide yourself away and enjoy the sun.
Playa Carabeillo: This beach is very similar to Carabeo and is very secluded but is connected to the west of Playa Burriana through a small pathway rocks and sand.
Playa Burriana: Probably the most commercially popular beach in Nerja and winner of Blue Flag award. Burriana is 800m long and 40m wide and is a mixture of fine sand and pebbles.  Sands are known to shift due to waves and wind, leaving a thin sandy strip on one end and wide flat beach on the other.  If sea is choppy and waves are stormy please beware of strong under current in this area.  This beach also offers volleyball courts, pedaloes, jetskies for hire, scuba diving, kayaking trips, and Para-sailing.

Playa El Playazo: A mix of small to large pebbles and sand. This is a great beach for strolling or sun bathing and is much less crowded than other beaches.  Showers are offered as well as toilets in summer months.

Playa El Chucho: Connects El Playazo and Torrecilla beaches and can be a good place to sunbathe if wind is blowing from the east.  Has no protection from storms during winter months so can be lacking in sand.  A very nice promenade connects up to the river path of the river Rio Chillar.
Playa Torrecilla: Has a nice promenade which passes El Chucho and on to Playazo beach.  One of Nerja’s most popular beaches with a Blue Flag award and is 300 metres long. This beach has a full range of facilities and two bar restaurants.