Nerja Caves

How to get there: By bus is 1.17 Euros at the Nerja Bus Station and runs about every hour from 08:30. By walking takes about 40min and is about 3km.

Ticket Price: 9 euros

Opening hours: 10 to 14 hs / 17 to 20 hs

Visit duration: 40 minutes

The Nerja Caves are one of the most important Prehistoric archaeological sites on the western Mediterranean that are officially recognized as an historical and artistic monument.Dating back some five million years, they are notable for the large chambers filled with stalactites and stalagmites that have immense length up to 4,000 meters. A wonderful series of caverns, housing theater that has seating for concerts in the main space (held during the Summer months), and superb rock formations including the worlds largest stalactite.